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Due to an inability to secure sustainable funding, we are no longer operational. We suggest you compose an email explaining your questions and submit it to hopescholarshipwv@wvsto.com and wvhope@emaportal.org

Due to an inability to secure sustainable funding, we are no longer operational. We suggest you compose an email explaining your questions and submit it to the athletic director from your county. You can find out who that is by calling your county board using this directory. 

Due to an inability to secure sustainable funding, we are no longer operational. The best resources available to those traditionally homeschooling under exemption C are our two state organizations, CHEWV and WVHEA.

Due to an inability to secure sustainable funding, we are no longer operational. 

Due to an inability to secure sustainable funding, we are no longer operational. Many parent leaders in other states expressed a desire to learn from our work. It is our sincere hope that state coalitions comprised of national partners, in-state stakeholders, and local experts are able to identify and embrace comparative advantages in such a way that every parent or educational entrepreneur has access to a local expert to help them find out what they must do to satisfy the law and what they can do because of the law in response to the overwhelming expansion of school choice through policy wins.

We believe reaching out and partnering with your state’s SPN affiliate and national partners like EdChoice, yes. every kid., StandTogether Trust, American Federation for Children, National School Choice Week, Vela, and 50CAN is the best way to find the movers and shakers ready to partner with you to see effective change.

Founder and Executive Director Jamie Buckland saw the need for a statewide resource where parents and providers could go for up-to-date information and guidance in navigating all of the recent policy changes that have taken place in the Mountain State regarding K-12 education. After 16 months of striving to secure sustainable funding to meet the demand, it became apparent that the timing just wasn’t right. 

Maybe! If your question is regarding Hope Scholarship, WVSSAC access, or homeschooling, please use the responses provided in the FAQ for resolution. If your question is not pertaining to those issues, you may email jamie@wvfue.org. Keep in mind Jamie has now returned to full-time homeschooling and has limited availability for email correspondence and event attendance.


West Virginia Families United for Education


It truly has been such a pleasure to advocate for and serve the families of WV over the last 16 months. Just recently we realized that the product our audience has grown to expect from us is our accurate, up-to-date information and the removal of confusion so that they know their next right step. This is not something that can be delivered without resources for full-time staffing. 

There is a great need for the crafting of a nonpublic infrastructure to continue meeting the demand for K-12 educational options. We look forward to seeing all of you continue to fight for the cause in your own homes and communities to see that come to a reality. 

If at some point in the future, circumstances change and the opportunity to resume our work is made available, we hope our team is in a position to accept that opportunity and resume our initiatives to transform K-12 education in the Mountain State.


We offer guidance to:

  • Families navigating K-12 educational options
  • Families navigating Open Enrollment Transfers
  • Providers offering educational services (schools, microschools, learning pods, homeschool programs)
  • Students wanting SSAC access
  • Public school parents involved in their LSIC
  • Homeschoolers
  • Hope Scholars

Our Team

Jamie Buckland

Jamie Buckland

Founder/ Executive Director

As Jamie heads into her 16th year of homeschooling in southern WV, one word captures the essence of her work – creating. When Jamie saw a need for athletic and academic programs for her family, she organized community programs and teams that met on a consistent basis. As the growth of hybrid homeschooling left leaders from across the nation in need of support in running compliant programs, she launched a consulting business that focused on preparing entrepreneurs in a niche market to communicate with professionals and government agencies to do so. When homeschoolers wanted sports access, she voluntarily lobbied for, passed, and then worked to implement a sports access law. With clients in over 30 states, and hundreds of homeschooled student athletes competing on public school teams, Jamie says being the DJ at the homeschool dances is her favorite role. She believes the key to unlocking every child’s unique potential is ensuring parents have quality options and can access them with ease. In early 2022, Jamie founded WV Families United for Education, the WV FUE, to become the epicenter for all WV families and providers ready to be a part of the transformation of K12 education in the Mountain State.


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